What can we do for your business at

Our product & services portfolio can help you lead, from end-to-end, the digital transformation process of your company and sector.


Innovative and flexible solutions

  • Open Attitude Academy

    Easily activate, train, and ensure the loyalty of your ecosystem with just one management tool.

  • Barrabés Venture Builder

    Use a flexible model to develop and launch new lines of business for your organization with the creation, testing, and scaling-up of innovative digital solutions.


Digitalization and innovation

  • Barrabés Open Call

    Quickly find innovative solutions for the challenges facing your business in conjunction with start-ups, SMEs, and other organizations.

  • Barrabés Pilot Factory

    Test and apply innovative solutions from external agents by carrying out pilots that respond to the challenges facing your business.

  • Barrabés Innovation Hub

    Be an active part in creating and scaling up a global innovation ecosystem in an area that is relevant to your company.

  • Barrabés Corporate Entrepeneurship

    Generate new business for your organization with internal talent using this intrapreneurship programme.

  • Barrabés Acceleration Program

    Identify high-potential value proposals from a very early stage and help them to become solutions with a return model for your organization.

  • Barrabés Innovation Space

    Increase the impact of your organization through open environments for connecting with the entire innovation ecosystem.

  • Barrabés Co-Innovation

    Identify and create new businesses with this programme for co-operation between the internal talent at your organization and that of other companies.

  • Barrabés Innovation Squad

    Identify and overcome the important challenges facing your sector through teamwork with other companies in the chain of value.


Talent without limits

  • Barrabés Habits to Behavior

    Lead the digital transformation of your business by encouraging behaviour based on digital habits among employees at your organization.

  • Barrabés Telework Excellence

    Ensure the excellence of the teleworking models at your organization through effective and optimized programmes.

  • Barrabés Global Innovation Discovery

    Training course for the management teams at your organization based on new trends and digitalization and innovation models.

  • Barrabés Agile Organization

    Create new agile and co-operative environments between employees at your organization in order to boost and accelerate your working model.

  • Barrabés Innovation Experience Trip

    Take an immersive trip to some of the main innovation hubs and find out what is going on in other parts of the world.

  • Barrabés Machine Learning

    Learn, in simple steps, how to take advantage of Machine Learning to get the most out of your organization’s data.