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Barrabés Machine Learning

Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of data and of the need to automate decision-making, but are they being used properly and are they being applied smartly in projects and in business? With Barrabés Machine Learning you will take part in a one-month training programme with mixed business and IT teams to learn how to use this technology and get the most out of your company’s data. We will show you how to ask the right questions, to find data, and to work with the BigML platform to find solutions to the specific problems of your organization. With real-life cases.

Add the necessary smart layer to all the data your business has accumulated and take the best decisions for your business.


  • Learn how to get the most out of your organization’s data.
  • Apply new Machine Learning models and algorithms at your business, with a real impact.
  • Involve your employees in the learning process with a training model that is easy and accessible for all profiles.


  • 100% digital environment.
  • Hybrid option, combining a virtual environment with physical settings.
  • 100% attendance in person.

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