Digitalization and innovation

Barrabés Corporate Entrepeneurship

The talent necessary to identify new business models for your organization might be closer than you think: your business’s very own employees. We help you to detect suitable internal talent, to encourage the enterprise spirit, and to perform the processes so that the organization itself can identify solutions to its business challenges and ensure they reach the market. Furthermore, with Barrabés Corporate Entrepreneurship we can do this in a very short time, while also making it a transformative experience for your talent.

Additionally, we ensure that these initiatives follow the path laid down by the organization’s global strategy. How? By including instances of feedback and validation from the decision-making committee into the various stages of the process. So that every decision regarding the construction of a new solution is backed by reliable and accurate information.


  • Respond to strategic challenges through internal talent.
  • Identify new business models for your organization.
  • Impact on the innovation culture of the company.


  • 100% digital environment.
  • Hybrid option, combining a virtual environment with physical settings.
  • 100% attendance in person.

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