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Barrabés Innovation Hub

Emerging industries organize themselves around value networks, a series of networks created out of and feeding off specialist innovation ecosystems. Ecosystems are the seed and the foundation of these emerging industries, driving both growth and the new economy.

Now more than ever territories have to compete on a global basis if they want to secure a significant presence in these emerging industries. And the best competitive strategy to achieve this is to focus on the foundation underlying these industries, supporting the creation and scaling-up of the specialist innovation ecosystems and becoming an innovation hub with global impact.

Barrabés Innovation Hub is a powerful tool for creating and scaling up these ecosystems, and as such for increasing the significance of a territory in an emerging industry. Ecosystems are complex, but hubs can simplify this complexity. They create co-operation and competition between the various players involved and contribute to ecosystems being able to grow with impact and scope, generating real business opportunities and the right conditions for growth and wellbeing for all participants.


  • Territory: consolidates and scales up leadership within the strategic sectors of the territory, with a significant position in an emerging industry. Growth and the creation of wealth in the new economies.
  • Business: your organization as a key driving player in an emerging industry. The creation of solutions for new challenges (products, services, business models). New business and growth opportunities. Innovation that is open, efficient, and sustainable from the ecosystem and its value network.
  • Talent: skills, experience, visibility, and opportunities to access other professional openings.


  • 100% digital environment.
  • Hybrid option, combining a virtual environment with physical settings.
  • 100% attendance in person.

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