Digitalization and innovation

Barrabés Open Call

Generate new products, services, and/or business models for your organization by inviting and selecting the best external players in the innovation and enterprise ecosystem to come up with new solutions to the challenges facing your business and sector. For over 15 years Barrabé has been promoting open innovation programmes focussing on business, creating co-operation models with start-ups and SMEs that can bring innovative solutions and technologies to respond to the needs and challenges of organizations such as yours.


  • Easily access innovative external solutions that respond to the internal challenges of your organization.
  • Discover new internal challenges at your organization in just a few months.
  • Position your brand in an enterprise ecosystem with a relational model highly focussed on action.


  • 100% digital environment.
  • Hybrid option, combining a virtual environment with physical settings.
  • 100% attendance in person.

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