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Barrabés Venture Builder

It’s about time that you were able to integrate all of the innovation at your organization into just one model. Intrapreneurship, open innovation in all of its forms, accelerators, incubators, spin-offs… All this can be channelled into one single powerhouse of new ventures where you will be able to plan, construct, and measure what you generate and follow up its impact. Organize and integrate all of this activity under a smart and flexible governance model.

Simplify and scale up your innovation processes with a unique model, one that unifies decision-making and measurement of the impact, while maintaining and respecting the wide diversity of ways in which your company is already creating innovation.


  • Easily generate new business models for your organization.
  • Make sense of all the innovative activity at your organization in a comprehensive, smart, and above-all flexible way.
  • Don’t rely on guesswork; rely on solid arguments and shared principles for the continuity of projects and for decision-making.


  • 100% digital environment.
  • Hybrid option, combining a virtual environment with physical settings.
  • 100% attendance in person.

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