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Future Business Models

At Barrabés, we help turn big business ideas into real and viable products and services. How? By putting future business models and new technologies into practice, connecting the best innovation with product development, and applying the massive potential of today’s most disruptive technologies to the product itself.


Disruptive Technologies

At Barrabés we help companies turn great business ideas into real and viable products and services by applying the most disruptive technologies to the product itself. We believe that there are eight technologies that will change the world in the coming years. This is why we have experts in each of the eight technologies, to support the development of our customers' businesses.


Purpose Driven Business

We tackle innovative projects that are truly significant and relevant to the business. We analyse and diagnose the company’s current situation and propose initiatives to define a Strategic Purpose that will serve as a guiding light for all the projects that the organization will undertake in any of its areas. This is what we call Meaningful Innovation.


Cooperating With Startups

We collaborate with organizations seeking to generate synergies with the entrepreneurial world. We are experts in identifying those startups that best fit the objectives of an organization. Our system and expertise in global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems allow us to tailor the collaboration model, from brainstorming sessions and pilot development to venture building models.


Accelerating Internal Change

What defines a company's culture? At Barrabés, we believe that an organization’s cultural change is made through systematized processes of changing habits. After analysing and detecting the crucial points on how to deal with this internal change, we elaborate a program that empowers employees to assume new habits and work processes.

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