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Nexplore Innovation Platform

Manage your innovation efficiently with our innovation-management platform. Software that will allow you to concentrate all your innovation in just one place and take smart decisions regarding your company’s innovation pipeline thanks to the featured data and information model. A simple, easy-to-use tool with open processes allowing the participation of external agents, fully adaptable to those used by your business.

With Nexplore Innovation Platform you ensure that innovation at your company is managed in a way that is both integral (covering all innovation initiatives, irrespective of their nature) and comprehensive (from the challenges faced to the solution on the market).

Think about the future of your organization by looking to tomorrow, but acting right now.


  • Develop a single control model through which all innovation is channelled.
  • This software ensures that innovation can be scaled up, so your innovation processes can continue to grow.
  • Get the maximum performance out of your projects, improve productivity, and involve all the talent you need.


  • 100% digital environment.

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