Future Business

At Barrabés, we help turn big business ideas into real and viable products and services. How? By putting future business models and new technologies into practice, connecting the best innovation with product development, and applying the massive potential of today’s most disruptive technologies to the product itself.



Innovation Lab

Build and boost a corporate innovation model geared towards generating innovative solutions and business models that respond to the future challenges of organizations. This means creating a comprehensive innovation ecosystem that identifies and boosts new initiatives and opportunities with partners and stakeholders. This model implements a strategic line of future positioning for organizations and companies with transformation challenges and the need to activate innovative and scalable solutions in an agile and flexible way.

Open Innovation Program

For those organizations that are looking for innovation through external solutions, but with a focus on internal business, this program responds to real challenges by encouraging cooperation between internal teams and startups interested in trying to solve the challenges ahead. We train all participants in innovation methodologies and in agile decision making process. The model contributes to the reduction of costs and risks when launching prototypes or pilots that test the solutions provided.

Accelerator & Mentoring Programs

High-performance centres for accelerating projects in an environment dedicated exclusively to the transformation of organizations, leveraging entrepreneurial potential as the most agile channel for innovation. Through a nine- to twelve-month program, we identify the challenges required by an organization to subsequently spread the word about the initiative, select the participants, design spaces and accelerate the program according to its maturity, following a methodology of acceleration, innovation, scaling and/or prototype and piloting.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Identification, conceptualization and validation of new business models that leverage the company’s internal talent. We develop and boost the entrepreneurial leadership of those companies that wish to obtain new products, services or businesses through intrapreneurship. To that end, we launch a program that aims to motivate the professionals involved so that they feel a central part of each result while validating models through market prototypes.

Startup Scouting

Discovery of startups through a methodology that makes it possible to identify those companies with the greatest potential and ability to follow tech trends. It is a simple way to identify and learn from the most promising ideas and startups on an international scale as well as to analyse and delve into specific areas. This methodology is designed for companies that want to discover the latest advances in specific technological areas and identify the most promising companies worldwide.

Venture Building

We have a successful and corroborated system of tech startup creation. An environment that covers a startups’ end-to-end needs: a launch incubator, marketing agency, IT specialists, innovation consulting, business development and corporate partners that give us extraordinary vantage point on the changing environments in a range of sectors. Our success is based on the knowledge provided by direct work with both large corporations and entrepreneurs. This unique relationship allows us to incubate startups that can innovatively take on new business challenges.

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