Disruptive Technologies

At Barrabés we help companies turn great business ideas into real and viable products and services by applying the most disruptive technologies to the product itself. We believe that there are eight technologies that will change the world in the coming years. This is why we have experts in each of the eight technologies, to support the development of our customers' businesses.




Learn all about Blockchain and how to apply it to your business from the pioneers who have driven this technology in Europe. We conduct hands-on training workshops, designing specific business cases and Blockchain applications for the most technical professionals. Our workshops are taught by experts, who share all the material and content that companies need in order to have a broad overall vision that includes all perspectives: legal, business and technical.

Internet Of Things

We work with a full range of sensors, technologies and devices to boost company intelligence and enhance their services/solutions. IoT links the physical and digital worlds through sensors, mini-computers and other objects that can exchange data with other devices, creating autonomous devices and connecting them to the Internet Big Data. Our modern homes, offices, transportation, etc. now contain millions of connected devices that make it possible to collect information (data) and increase big data.

Internet Security

Services focused on covering the security of all types of autonomous devices, devices connected to the Internet, proprietary technologies and, in most cases, without policies. We create secure designs and/or communications. And, taking things a step further, we provide security reviews and analyses that cover different layers of security, from connection processes, communications and reverse engineering of firmware to forensics and mining data specific to any type of device and/or sensor.

Machine Learning

We believe in the concept of 'learning' and focus on machine learning above all, leveraging systems that centre on Artificial Intelligence in order to work with millions of pieces of data to identify complex patterns. We help companies filter their customers' data as a way to predict and manage their customer relationships. Through algorithms, we detect patterns of behaviour that allow organizations to improve their customer experience and increase engagement.


5G technology will be a key factor in the development of innovative business models for companies that want to explore new opportunities based on new wireless and connection technologies. These technologies will allow them to transfer data at multiple gigabits per second or mass communication between devices (IoT). At Barrabés we provide our customers with the most powerful experts in this technology and developers, in a real and unique test environment in Oulu (Finland).

Big Data

We support companies, that need to collect and analyse large amounts of data, to make conclusions that transcend the data itself. We sort the information gathered using Microsoft Power BI and extract patterns and relationships that help our customers make strategic business decisions.


Cloud technology helps organizations work more efficiently. Based on the provision of software services from the Internet, it avoids the installation of large amounts of files and information on local computers. Operating in the cloud, increases safety and makes it possible to share and update in real time information and files.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality generates environments that transcend the usual constraints of space-time and helps generate unique experiences. Relying on this technology, we help organizations to create test spaces with a very high level of accuracy and thus, allowing them to test their projects before carrying them out definitively.

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