Cooperating With Startups

We collaborate with organizations seeking to generate synergies with the entrepreneurial world. We are experts in identifying those startups that best fit the objectives of an organization. Our system and expertise in global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems allow us to tailor the collaboration model, from brainstorming sessions and pilot development to venture building models.



Go To Market Program

We help companies and startups go to market with their products and services in both Spain and Latin America. Our collaboration is geared towards adapting sales strategy and marketing materials and creating a network of contacts that make the commercialization of these products and services in each country a reality. Our team guides the company in these markets for a period of six months, opening up business opportunities that can be transformed into a sales pilot or collaboration agreement.

Investment Advisory

We provide financial and legal advice during the different stages of startup growth, from launch to third-party investment. We guide startups in creating their business model and determining a company’s valuation, aiding in financial projections and correctly analysing liquidity and funding and investment needs; we help build high-quality investment documents (teaser, sales notebook, presentation to investors) and guide startups through capital raising/investment negotiations.

Accelerator & Mentoring Programs

High-performance centres for accelerating projects in an environment dedicated exclusively to the transformation of organizations, leveraging entrepreneurial potential as the most agile channel for innovation. Through a nine- to twelve-month program, we identify the challenges required by an organization to subsequently spread the word about the initiative, select the participants, design spaces and accelerate the program according to its maturity, following a methodology of acceleration, innovation, scaling and/or prototype and piloting.

Startup Scouting

Discovery of startups through a methodology that makes it possible to identify those companies with the greatest potential and ability to follow tech trends. It is a simple way to identify and learn from the most promising ideas and startups on an international scale as well as to analyse and delve into specific areas. This methodology is designed for companies that want to discover the latest advances in specific technological areas and identify the most promising companies worldwide.

Venture Building

We have a successful and corroborated system of tech startup creation. An environment that covers a startups’ end-to-end needs: a launch incubator, marketing agency, IT specialists, innovation consulting, business development and corporate partners that give us extraordinary vantage point on the changing environments in a range of sectors. Our success is based on the knowledge provided by direct work with both large corporations and entrepreneurs. This unique relationship allows us to incubate startups that can innovatively take on new business challenges.

Barrabés' Growth Space

We provide new entrepreneurs with a co-working space that helps them boost and accelerate their projects. Having the possibility to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, exchange opinions, hold presentations and events, attend to talks and training sessions, become part of our acceleration and mentoring programs, and even take part in the co-creation of new projects, makes Barrabés' GrowthSpace the ideal space to develop their starpups.

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