Accelerating Internal Change

What defines a company's culture? At Barrabés, we believe that an organization’s cultural change is made through systematized processes of changing habits. After analysing and detecting the crucial points on how to deal with this internal change, we elaborate a program that empowers employees to assume new habits and work processes.




Global Digital Innovation cover/include digital consciousness and innovation trends and tools. This methodology combines exposition sessions of sector’s global trends with the application of innovation methodologies that make it possible to implement the challenges presented, which are aligned with the strategy of each company. The program encourages participants to discover and act on the opportunities offered by the new environment.


Boosting Team Innovation is a two-day program with a team of 15 people that seeks to boost the innovative capacity of participating teams, providing insight, knowledge and innovation tools while involving and motivating participants. The innovation process is adapted to the specific vision of each company. This program is aimed at all types of companies and teams interested in learning about and promoting innovation processes in an absolutely practical way.


Habits to Behavior implements a new, more collaborative and productive digital culture, showcasing the possibilities and investment of new technology. It is based on the adoption of new habits that are aligned with the company’s digital transformation strategy. The program generates internal learning methodologies and processes that enhance the organizational intelligence of the entire company. This methodology is designed for companies in the process of digital transformation that want to maximize their investment in technology.

Talent discovery

We help companies, that need to raise engagement and awareness through the entire company during the processes of change, to identify innovative talent by developing digital training programs and detecting those profiles that can lead the transformation process.

Ready to be transformed?