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Digital transformation provides a host of new possibilities for organizations while also involving new and complex challenges. That is why companies must learn to move easily and freely in a fast-changing world. The revolution has only just begun, but the advances made in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, robotics, augmented reality and the Internet of Things are already changing business models across all industrial and economic sectors.

Digitalization makes possible to scale up new businesses. At the same time, well-established companies must face simultaneous challenges, assimilating their own digitization process while striving to develop new digital-based business models.

For many organizations, limiting change to their internal structures falls short, making it necessary to build permanent and dynamic synergies with startups and innovation ecosystems.

At Barrabés, we believe that the organizations of the future will be open and agile platforms, capable of building alliances with partners who are committed to innovation. Organizations rooted in connections and cooperation that help to build a better society.

Our culture

The team

We take on complex projects that involve innovation, digital transformation, platform creation, startup acceleration, design of experiences and technological development, all of which require different approaches, complementary methodologies and a diverse range of professionals. At Barrabés, professionals from multiple disciplines and areas –from design thinking and service design to innovation consulting and brand experience– share both projects and office space.

Different perspectives, whether experts in entrepreneurs, innovation consultants, UX designers, video creators, scrum masters, scale-up managers, scriptwriters, developers or creative strategists, come together in one room to bring fresh dimensions to every project.
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